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workshop:defining your brand and forward focus

A workshop aimed at the stakeholders in the business and management staff


To develop a vision for the development of the business by exploring the opportunities for growth and expansion and identifying key success factors.



The workshop should be held at a neutral off-site location free of everyday business distractions. A hotel or management training facility seminar room is ideal. Normally a day is allocated for the workshop, dependant on numbers and the nature of the clients business.

The atmosphere is open and informal but business like in terms of focusing on the key opportunities and issues facing the organisation.

The workshop is facilitated by a leader with international business experience in different sectors. The day will be interactive and involving.

The sessions are enjoyable and are a creative break from the day to day micro management of the business. This is an opportunity to look at the big picture and where the business should be heading.


There is a simple discussion guide to fill in and bring to the workshop. The form takes about 10 minutes to complete. There is no need for formal preparation. The experience and knowledge of the attendees will provide more than enough input for the first workshop.

workshop plan

  • Successful companies - factors.
  • The market place - current situation, trends, opportunities
  • Current customer profile and potential target customers
  • Internal and external brand strategy
  • Moving the business forward - opportunities, threats, requirements
  • What is the vision for the business?
  • next steps


The workshop will identify the areas that the business needs to focus on to generate growth and development.
More detailed actions plans can be developed at subsequent meetings and these can be incorporated into the overall business strategy and business planning process.

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