We have experience of working with Multi-nationals as well as small businesses and the public sector. We have a wealth of expertise in applying the right solutions serving the exact needs of the client.


Vaishaly Products Type:       Skincare and Clinic
Service:   Brand and Business Development
Ongoing client work: Since 2007

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Building a beauty skincare brand leading to partnerships with The Dorchester and Four Seasons Hotel Groups, and retail at Heathrow. Managing Marketing Campaign on London Transport network.


Foveo were initially approached to work with this skincare business which consisted of a reputable clinic with its own skincare range of products and a figurehead in the form of skincare Guru Vaishaly who was recently one of the two judges on BBC's Young beautician of the year 2010.

services provided

It became apparent that the business really knew their stuff when it came to skincare and had a good idea of where the brand should be positioned, this was reinforced and encapsulated by Foveo delivering a branding workshop to the business stakeholders.   This provided the direction for the strategy and structures needed by the business to deliver and achieve the vision.

  • Brand management
  • Draw up business agreements for partners such as The Dorchester and other Retail stores
  • Defining corporate identity guidelines and communications strategy
  • New product launch management
  • Deploying successful marketing campaign on London Transport

arawak walton housing association

Arawak Walton image Type:       Housing Association
Service:   Website development, Brand refresh and IT consultancy
Ongoing client work: Since 2005

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Foveo were initally referred by an existing client with the view to redesigning the Arawak Walton website which has led to a working relationship in which Foveo have since refreshed the Arawak Brand as well as advising on other business matters. Foveo have performed all the website updates and changes on behalf of Arawak Walton since 2005

services provided

The initial brief was to redesign the website and Arawak Walton were very keen to make sure that the great work they were doing with their tenants was embodied in the website and that it should reflect the Organisations values and objectives. Since the launch of the site Foveo have worked very closely with Arawak Walton to maintain a freshness of news and information on the site.

The working relationship with Arawak Walton has enabled foveo to advise and redesign the Arawak brand image. This was achieved without moving too far away from the original as Arawak Walton were keen to strengthen their brand without creating a new corporate image.

Arawak Walton old logo   Arawak Walton new logo

The old Arawak Walton logo on the left was refreshed to a more contemporary image shown on the right.

Having redesigned the website back in 2005 which you can see a part of in the image above, Foveo were then asked to redesign the website in August 2011 which you can see if you visit the site

Tom Beith Photography

Wedding rings photo Type:       Professional photographer
Service:   Website design and development
Ongoing client work: Since 2003

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Tom Beith Photography, a young yet highly experienced professional photographer wished to promote and sell his services online as well as providing clients with an online album for their friends and family to view.


Foveo were requested to consider the solution for an attractive website which would enable photographs to be uploaded easily to a website following a photoshoot, thus enabling Tom to make his work available for his clients to view, in some cases only hours after the photographs were taken. The clients could easily choose their images online and then allow friends and family to view the online album.


Foveo researched the online albums & galleries and the types of technological solutions which could be provided. It was decided that the most attractive solution would be to provide a presentation style effect when viewing the albums, enabling the effect of a photgraph gently fading in and fading out when viewed.

During the course of this project a simple but strong brand was designed using starkly different yet complimentary colours of orange and grey - this is reflected throughout the site.

The services provided allows Tom to concentrate on photography, whilst Foveo, as part of the package of work, provide the IT know-how to upload the images to the customers' online albums. Tom is able to charge the customers for providing an online album service whilst proving a great help in customers deciding which images they would like to purchase.

Northfield Consultancy

Wedding rings photo Type:       Marketing Consultancy
Service:   Brand Identity and basic internet presence
Ongoing client work: Since 2003

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Northfield Consultants, a marketing consultancy with good diverse blue chip clients such as Reed Business Publications and Hyundai, sought to review and refresh their brand image in order to take their services to a wider market.


To revisit the Northfield brand and design an end-to-end solition from a new brand logo to its associated stationary, internet email/website name and lastly the online website. Freshness, quality and creativity were the buzzwords for the brief. Foveo were chosen from a shortlist of five companies to produce the desired results.

northfield stationery and website image


Foveo worked with the client at Northfield to understand their likes/dislikes and what they wanted their brand to say. A logo was chosen from a few concept designs this was then finalised and polished. Foveo then designed the Northfield business cards and letterheads in order for Northfield to start developing new business with the new brand.

Northfield are positive that the services provided by foveo will enable them to work with all sizes of clients, SMEs and large corporates, and grow the business to any size without worrying about their brand image or their internet presence.

Plush Apartment interior photo Type:       Online e-concierge service
Service:   Product design and development

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Developed as an online e-concierge service for residents of apartment block


To design and develop a product which would provide the equivalent of a concierge service with information and assistance online.
This would provide a target market to property developers to provide a lifestyle management system along with the purchase of an apartment.

My-Apartment logo


The developed solution provided a strong brand image and the product features included:-

  • online community building via messaging system between residents
  • storage of common useful property maintenace information etc
  • online fault reporting
  • ability for residents to perform neighbourhood watch and secure premises over internet link
  • home automation to enable features such as controlling heating remotely over the internet

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