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Efficient Communication healthcheck

we are looking to maximise your company's efficiency within the following areas:

  • Checking that you have fast & reliable communications 24 hrs per day (email, internet, mobile & sms, telecomms)
  • Checking that you can easily share files between colleagues, customers, partners etc
  • Evaluating your Professionalism in your output in terms of reliable printing, copying scanning capabilities (both colour and mono)
  • Consistency of communications (electronic, paper, verbal)
  • Checking that you have dependable and relevant software applications for your business
  • Checking that you are prepared in case of an emergency - do you have a disaster recovery plan?
  • Checking that the IT management & support assists your business development

This is normally a 3 day consultation process with a combination of site visit and offsite work in preparing a report and recommendations.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how your business can benefit from our expertise.

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