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business process and its use of it healthcheck

By following each customer interaction through each department in the business, we develop a business process flow diagram.
In discussion with your managers we analyse how your business works and where technology opportunities exist to make it more customer centric, more efficient and more profitable

Using our expertise and the knowledge acquired of your business, we uncover weaknesses in current IT infrastructure and identify risks to the business

We prepare a report covering:-

  • IT vision and strategy, short-term quick wins, change management issues, training needs overview, and budgetary requirements
  • draft action plan for you to use going forward

benefits to your business

  • We will help you stand back and take a high level look at your business, identifying the most appropriate IT infrastructure for current and planned future business needs.
  • The process will help you identify what opportunities exists for your business has to gain competitive advantage from Information Technology and how to achieve it.
  • You will receive an IT strategy document that includes recommendations and an action plan.

We guarantee we will identify the means for you to achieve a reduction in costs or improved effectiveness and profitability.

Dependent on the nature and size of the organisation, this is normally a 5-10 day consultation process with a combination of site visit and offsite work.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out how your business can benefit from our expertise.

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